The Journey The ancient Celt's journey in Europe dates back to 800 BC and over the years, setup shop everywhere from Turkey and Ireland to Britain and Spain.

The Celt's were a people described as whimsical, romantic, emotional and with great powers of imagination. They were also a spiritual people and many of their ancient symbols, the Triskelion, Shamrock, Tree of Life are still seen in our day to day lives and perceived to be positive symbols that have been revered for millennia. In fact, one of the Triskelion symbols that depicts the "motion of action" we have chosen as the symbol of our exclusive Turbo Boost Whirlpool system.

Another connotation, and the one that has inspired us the most is the three sided Triskelion, as a symbol of "spirit, mind, and body", all things we believe can be enhanced while relaxing in your Celtic Hot Tub! From all us "would be Celt's, we hope you'll choose a Celtic Hot Tub and begin your Journey today!